Helping winners
win more

Helping winners
win more

Be More

Learn the fundamental principles of personal mastery and success. Unlock your hidden power and upgrade your mindset for new breakthroughs in your life and career.

Do More

Maximize your personal and professional potential and set bigger goals. Explore your current habits and develop new high-performance habits and step confidently to your next level.

Achieve More

Take on the ultimate challenge and learn how to create a bigger, more powerful, impactful and meaningful life while maintaining your sense of happiness, fulfillment and your health.

Unlock your
Next Level

“To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life.”
― Robert Louis Stevenson
Your Coach & Mentor
I help ambitious Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Leaders like you, develop the mindset and identity needed to break through to their next level.
Boost your Career
You want to break through, get promoted, take on greater responsibilities and deliver top performances. I'll help you stand out way above the rest and become an undisputed #1.
Thrive in Business
As an entrepreneur, your personal growth is directly related to the success of your company. I'll help you grow as an entrepreneur, so you can make your business thrive.
Be Inspirational
Everything falls and stands on leadership. I'll help you transform from a standard textbook leader to a powerful, inspiring and successful leader with greater impact.

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    Invest in yourself
    and your team's Success

    Leaders who take the success of their organization seriously understand that personal development within their teams is the foundation for lasting success. By investing in continuous development and growth, you enable yourself and your team to achieve increasingly larger and more complex goals faster and more efficiently. Your people are still your greatest assets. Therefore having a great coach and mentor in your team is indispensable.
    Develop a powerful
    winning mentality
    Become the leader your
    team or company needs
    Go from being inspired
    to being an inspiration
    Overcome your fears and
    break through your limitations

    Step into your Next Level

    “Don’t let others tell you what you can’t do. Don't let the limitations of others limit your vision. If you can remove your self-doubt and believe in yourself, you can achieve what you never thought possible.” ― Roy T. Bennett

    LuJosef is een zeer betrouwbare coach en mentor voor mij. Ik voel me altijd verfrist en klaar om de wereld weer onder ogen te zien na onze super inspirerende meetings.


    LuJosef heeft de kwaliteiten die ik verwacht van een top coach. Hij is motiverend, gedisciplineerd en zeer gepassioneerd. Hij wil je echt zien winnen. En dat vind ik belangrijk.


    LuJosef is een Empowerment expert die je uitdaagt om je persoonlijke leiderschap serieus te nemen. Zo weet hij het beste in je naar boven te halen.

    Mindset Coach

    Je hebt een geweldig hart voor mensen en dat is te zien aan de toewijding maarmee je instaat voor het succes van een ander.

    Medisch Professional

    LuJosef is een geweldige luisteraar en heeft met echt doen inzien waar ik aan moest werken. Zijn inzicht en advies heeft me geholpen om mijn mindset te versterken om meer succes te hebben.


    Lujosef heeft het vermogen om tot diep in je ziel te spreken. Zijn eerlijkheid was soms pijnlijk, maar nodig. Het heeft me echt doen groeien.

    Soul Wellness Coach

    "Success is the inevitable result of someone becoming who he needs to be and doing what he needs to do"

    My Coaching Philosophy

    Success is the inevitable result of someone becoming who he needs to be and doing what he needs to do to achieve his goals. This is my definition of success and the common thread in my coaching philosophy. In my coaching programs we'll focus 2 main subjects. Becoming "the transformation" and doing "the work"
    As an ambitious professional, entrepreneur or leader you already have some necessary qualities to be successful. But new levels of success require you to develop new insights and qualities. You must assume a higher form of yourself. I'll guide you step by step to make this a reality. Armed with an unbeatably powerful winning mindset you'll be able to break through to your new levels of success.

    Apostle, Entrepreneur, High Performance CoachLuJosef Gomes

    My Story

    I dare to say without any doubt that I am one of the most powerful and effective speakers from the Low Countries. And how this comes across to you is very important, because it is precisely in your interest that I give you this information. Because my story is meant to inspire you to rewrite your own story with the same powerful conviction.

    This part of my story started when a shy and insecure boy "accidentally" ended up on stage at the age of 16...

    Premium Coaching Programs

    Please note: only a limited number of spots are available each year for the Private coaching and Mentorship programs. Prices excl. VAT
    Group Coaching
    Grow together in a group of like minded individuals and develop the necessary mindset to break through to your next level of success on both a personal and professional level.
    • 6 Group sessions
    • Group of max 5 people
    • *
    Private Coaching
    Upgrade your mindset and become one with the powerful principles of personal mastery and success. Discover and unlock your hidden potential and excel with confidence.
    • 7 Private Sessions
    • +Follow Up Call
    • *
    Take on the ultimate challenge and learn how to create a bigger, more powerful, impactful and meaningful life while maintaining your sense of happiness, fulfillment and good health.
    • 12 Months Mentorship
    • Inner Circle Access
    • *

    LuJosef Coaching & Consulting

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